Things to think about if you are taking your dog who is listed on the 'DDL’ on holiday

We welcome dogs who through no fault of their own have found themselves listed on the 'DDL’ to stay and play

This is the link to the government website I am sure you are keeping up to date with any changes but please always refer to this.

When looking for holiday accommodation before booking these are the things I’d suggest you think about and be aware of

  • Ask that the accommodation owner’s insurance company does not put any restrictions on the dogs that visit/stay. Some insurance firms do not allow dogs who are on the ‘DDL’ to be in that accommodation. I know you have to have specific insurance for your dog but Holiday lets by law has to have Holiday Let insurance as well, normal household insurance is not allowed.
  • If you plan on having your dog muzzle-free in the accommodation’s garden/outside space take these points into consideration. As the government website at the time of writing says “kept in a secure place so it cannot escape”. I asked our local Animal Licensing Officer whose advice was that “if the gardens are secure and for the sole use of the occupiers of the holiday accommodation, then you would not have to insist that owners muzzle and lead their dogs as it would not be considered a public place.” He did go on to say that “They would, however, have to muzzle/lead the dogs in any communal areas on your premises if more than one household will have access to it.”
    • Don’t just take the text on the website/social media page that says ‘secure’ as fact. A responsible holiday home owner will never use that word as what is secure for one dog is not for another. We always use the word ‘enclosed’ and provide full details on a dedicated page on our website. We only take direct bookings so we know guests are 100% sure we are perfect for them and their dogs. Ask for photos, and be specific about the height of the boundary you need. If they are not cooperative, then personally I would walk away.
    • Be aware if any of the areas that have access to other people including but not limited to other guests, accommodation owners, cleaners, refuse collection, etc as they are classed as public space and your dog would need to be muzzled.
  • Holidays are exciting times and away from your normal home it's easier for you and your fellow guests to make mistakes with open doors, which are a great invitation for your dog who knows at home not to go through it to ‘explore’. Try and look for somewhere where the doors lead out into an enclosed area so if someone does forget then your unmuzzled dog is not ‘illegally’ out.
  • Make sure that you take your relevant paperwork with you on holiday so if you are asked for it then you do not have to worry. 
  • Make sure that the muzzle your dog wears they can pant in, be sick in, and drink in, your car journey could be a long and warm one, so make sure that you take a water bowl that your do with their muzzle can drink out of, if it is too shallow or narrow they may struggle.
  • Of course, the last thing you want to think of is there could be a fire (or another urgent reason to get out fast) in your accommodation and at that time all you want to do is leave. However, that could mean you and your dog are outside what is considered the private part of your holiday accommodation. So at all times of day and night make sure you hang a muzzle and lead on all exit doors that way whichever one your dog goes through they will be safe.

Above all, enjoy your holiday!


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