Accessibility Guide

Accessibility Guide

We want to be sure that Whitebeam Wood is perfect for you, your fellow guests, and your dog's needs as we know that not all health conditions or impairments are visible especially when our communication is not face to face. So please use this Accessibility Guide at your discretion. This guide is not meant to be a substitute for doing your own checks, asking questions and finding out more from us before making a booking. We are always very happy to answer any questions so that you can establish if Whitebeam Wood is suitable for your needs.

If you have any special requirements or medical needs for either you or your fellow guests whom you are booking on behalf of that you feel may not have been clarified by the text or photos on our website or the below Accessibility Guide, please contact us via the contact us section in this website, email or call, text or WhatsApp us on 07767 313060 prior to booking. I have Relay UK installed on that number. Do let us know if there is anything we can do to aid communication

We will be able to answer any questions and help you establish if Whitebeam Wood is suitable for your group. We will try to make any reasonable adjustments we can but it may not be possible to accommodate all your requests/requirements. In those cases, it is your decision if you feel Whitebeam Wood is suitable and wish to book. We will not be held liable if you discover on arrival that the house is not suitable for your needs.

Access Considerations for Whitebeam Wood

Distance from parking to the front door

Approximately 20 yards up a tarmacked slope

Steps to the main door

One up onto the sun terrace and one into the front door

Ground floor bedrooms and bathrooms

There is a separate bathroom, located just off the main hall

3 bedrooms on the ground floor all have ensuite walk-in showers. 2 bedrooms are accessed without steps, and the third has 2 steps to access the bedroom, one down from the kitchen to the rear hall and one up into the Beehive bedroom.

You can find full details in the bedroom section of our website.

Boathouse Bedroom which can be a king size or two full size single beds, do let us know if you would like them set up as singles when you book, or it will be set up as a king size.

Lighthouse Suite Superking bedroom

Beehive bedroom, accessed via 2 steps

Shower type

4 Separate showers and a bath You can find full details in the bedroom section of our website.
Ground Floor – 3 Bathrooms with walk-in shower cubicles, one double-ended stand-alone bath.
Lower Ground Floor - 1 Bathroom with walk-in shower cubicle

Lighthouse Suite Bathroom with bath which can be accessed without going through the bedroom.

Door width and style

Standard width, all doors within the house that are accessible without steps are a different colour from the walls to help those with sight issues.

Steps within property
13 between the ground and lower ground floor, with solid handrail 

Consideration of Internal Decoration

We have chosen a light colour for all the painted internal walls, with the doors leading to bedrooms, cloakroom and entrance to the open plan lounge, dining, and kitchen area being wood giving a colour contrast for all rooms that are on the ground floor without steps. Door
handles are a contrast in colour to the doors.

We have a stair gate at the top of the stairs which leads to the lower ground floor. These are carpeted in a vibrant teal colour again to aid guests with visual impairments to differentiate between flat floor and stairs. There is a solid handrail in a contrasting colour from the wall for the 1st 11 steps

All rugs are short pile to reduce the risk of trip hazards and are light contrasting colours to the wooden floors.

All bedrooms have ceiling lights, bedside lights, and windows allowing natural light.

Consideration for guests who require mobility scooters or wheelchairs

We are aware that some guests may require the use of mobility scooters or wheelchairs for days out and that these can take up a lot of room in your car. There are a couple of firms one local and one National who provide for mobility rental needs. We are not making recommendations simply providing contact derails for your ease

Mobility Scooter Hire South West

Mobility Equipment Hire

Consideration for guests who are Neurodivergent

We know that some guests prefer to 'pre-tool' by visiting a place before they stay, as this is not possible with Whitebeam we strongly suggest that these guests view our 3D tour which will help with visualising the house before they arrive.

We have also created a short Social Story about going on holiday to Whitebeam Wood to support some children who may find that helpful. That can be accessed by clicking here Whitebeam Wood's Social Story

All windows are key lockable, however due to fire regulations all exterior doors on self catering holiday accommodation have to legally have thumb locks.

We have free Wi-Fi with boosters so it works all over the house and all the TV's including the ones in all bedrooms are Smart TVs. 

There is a stair gate at the top of the stairs leading to the lower ground floor.

Supermarket Deliveries are available to the house, you can find details here in our online guide.

Consideration for guests who are deaf or hard-of-hearing

All the TV's including those in the bedroom have the option for subtitles

Induction Hob

This is from the British Heart Foundation 'Induction hobs do generate electromagnetic fields, so keep a distance of at least 60cm (2ft) between the stovetop and your pacemaker.

Considerations for younger guests for Whitebeam Wood

As well as 8 guests in beds we welcome 2 children under the age of 2 in travel cots. We provide 2 travel cots but not bedding or mattresses, 2 high chairs, and a stair gate as there is a staircase leading down from the hall to the lower ground floor. 

We also have children's cutlery and plastic cups, plates, and bowls. 

Considerations guests with dietary requirements for Whitebeam Wood

We cannot guarantee what ingredients have been used in the house, or what kitchen equipment has previously been used with which ingredients. 

We do provide a number of different sizes of baking trays so that two smaller trays will fit on one shelf in the oven if food is required to be cooked separately as well as having 2 ovens. We also supply a range of pans and cooking utensils to help guests when cooking.

In the kitchen, there is an American-style Fridge Freezer and in the utility, we provide a second fridge freezer allowing guests who raw feed their dogs a separate storage area from their own food. 

Floor Plans and 3D tour

For those guests who prefer to 'pre-tool' before their arrival, we have our 3D tour allowing you to take a virtual walk around the house and familiarise yourself with the layout, decor and furnishings.

We strongly suggest that you view our 3D tour which will help you establish if the house is suitable for your needs. You can pick a floor plan to view, choose the 'Dolls House' view or take a virtual walk around the house.

This is the ground floor, you can also view the lower ground floor

House and Local Area Guide

For those guests who like to 'pre-tool' before arrival our online guide provides even more detail than our website including even the contents of the kitchen and cooking utensils 

The House and Local Area Guide are online so that they can be accessed in a larger font or using your preferred text-to-speech reader

We also have a section in our online guide for Accessible Activities In the Local Area Guide section of our online guide each place listed has the contact details so if you have a particular requirement you can easily contact them and establish their suitability.

Medical needs

We of course hope that you do not need any medical assistance during your holiday however if you do you will find details of Local Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Dentists and Pharmacists in this section of our online guide

If you need to bring any medical equipment with you i.e. a home dialysis machine please do contact us so we can answer any questions you may have including the location of plug sockets. Full details of how you can do that are at the bottom of this page.

Considerations for Dogs with mobility or health issues

Whitebeam has solid wooden floors throughout the house with low pile rugs, the only carpet is down the stairs that lead from the ground floor to the lower ground. We provide a stair gate if you wish to stop them from accessing that area.  

There is a step onto the sun terrace and another into the house. On the ground floor are 2 bedrooms and the lounge, dining area and kitchen is open plan with no steps. To access the 3rd bedroom there is a step down then a step up. 

The garden is a mix of grass and wood, which slopes up.

We may be suitable for dogs who use wheels to get around. 

We provide a dog buggy for guest's dogs, the maximum weight is 80kgs.

We highly recommend that you add the details of our local vet to your phone as accidents always happen when you least expect it. they will happily see guests for regular appointments as well as our of hours emergencies. Their contact details are in this section of our online guide.

Outside space

Large paved sun terrace. 1.2 acres of garden and wood on a slope with uneven ground levels and surfaces.

8 steps from the front of the house up to the Secret Garden, the steps are uneven heights and are not completely level, there is no handrail. Steps and slopes from the rear door up to the Secret Garden. Steps and paths maybe slippery when wet. 

In the Secret Garden the garden slopes up to the decking area, there are not steps and the grass may be uneven.

There are steps in the garden, all steps and slopes may be slippery when wet, there is no handrail.

The lookout lounge is halfway up the garden and has steps cut into the garden to reach it. They are uneven and there is no handrail. 

Please feel free to contact us via the contact us section in this website, email or call, text or WhatsApp us on 07767 313060 prior to booking. I have Relay UK installed on that number. Do let us know if there is anything we can do to aid communication