All dogs welcome!

As dog owners and lovers ourselves, we understand how important it is for you to find somewhere to stay that welcomes your dogs on holiday, and we designed Whitebeam Wood with our canine companions in mind. The entire 1.2 acres of garden and woods are fully enclosed with 5ft high stock fencing, including the entrance gate. So Whitebeam Wood is a holiday home inside a dog park.

We welcome unlimited dogs of all breeds, of course including XL Bullies to stay, we don't even ask what breed they are, why would we? 

The response from our Local Authority regarding us welcoming dogs registered under the Exempted Dogs Register is that "if the gardens are secure and for the sole use of the occupiers of the holiday accommodation, then you would not have to insist that owners muzzle and lead their dogs as it would not be considered a public place." 

For full details see here 'Secure' is subjective and very dependant on the dog and so it is for dog owners to decide of it is 'secure' for their dogs.

The 1.2-acre garden and woods are enclosed with a 5ft stock fence designed to accommodate wildlife, such as hedgehogs and rabbits while ensuring the safety of your furry friends. However, please note that the fence may not be suitable for very small dogs. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. On this page, we have details of the exact dimensions of the gaps in the stock fencing.

We have designated the enclosed garden at the rear of the house as the Secret Garden, which can be accessed through the rear door. It's an ideal spot for nighttime visits with your dog, especially when you don't want to venture into the woods.

Our long private drive leads to the house, which cannot be seen from the street, making it an ideal location for nervous, reactive, or anxious dogs. The only entrance gate can be locked if guests wish to. We know that dogs always love exploring our huge enclosed garden and wood, and we're sure yours will too!

We welcome an unlimited number of dogs of all breeds to stay at our property, and we don't discriminate based on breed. After all, why would we? We believe that all dogs are wonderful companions and should be welcomed with open arms. We can welcome exempted dogs to be muzzle-free within our grounds.

We warmly welcome dogs to every room in the house, and we kindly ask that if you allow them on the sofas, you bring your own throws to use. While dogs are welcome to sleep in the bedrooms, we request that they do not sleep on the beds if you are using our bedding. If you prefer your dogs to sleep on your beds, please let us know in advance, and we will remove all our bedding from the beds they will be using, including duvets. If you choose to use our duvets, there will be a small charge to cover the cost of laundering them.

In addition, we have an alfresco temperature-controlled dog shower, as well as dog towels and bowls available for borrowing in case you forget to bring your own.

We know that some dogs just can't walk the distances they want to for a number of reasons and that dog buggies take up a HUGE amount of room in your car so we provide a Dog Stroller for them to use during their stay. More details can be found in our online Welcome Folder/Guidebook

We understand that dogs can sometimes wander off on their own, especially in a new environment, so for your peace of mind, we provide holiday dog tags that you can attach to your dog's collar during your stay.

Please refrain from leaving your dogs unattended in the house. They too deserve a break and some fun-filled activities while on holiday. If you plan to go out without them, we can recommend a reliable local dog sitter who can come to the house to look after your pets. It is for this reason that we do not provide dog crates. We know that some dogs sleep in them and they do take up space in the car but we do not want non-crate trained dogs being left home alone in crates we are sure that you would not do that sadly as we have owned multiple dog-welcoming holiday homes for over 17 years we have had other experiences and unhappy dogs can take their upset out on furnishings and we cannot resolve those issues for the next guests arriving later that day. 

Our online Guide book was created by us for both your holiday home but also the South Hams area of South Devon so you can start to plan your holiday straight away. All the recommendations are for dog-welcoming places to eat, shop, walk, visit, and of course beaches.

As a multiple-dog welcoming holiday home, we are often asked if we provide dog baskets to save on packing space for guests. The answer is no and the reason is we don't ask what breed or size our dog guests are and we know as dog owners that dogs like different styles of baskets so the chances are that the dogs would not like the selection, or they were too big or too small. Any dog baskets we did leave out used or otherwise would need to be washed and dried before the next guests. The environmental impact of that often unnecessary laundry does not feel appropriate. More details about our sustainability policies can be found here

We also have more details about your dogs on holiday at Whitebeam Wood

We are lucky to have two village pubs within a short stroll from the house, and the best part is that both of them are dog-friendly and serve excellent food. The South Devon region is well-known for its dog-friendliness, and you'll find that nearly all the local pubs, cafes, restaurants, and shops welcome dogs with open arms. So, you can explore the area with your dogs by your side and enjoy a great meal or a cup of coffee together. Take a look at our online guide for more details

Our local beach is just half a mile walk/drive from the house, 3m long, and dog-friendly all year round we are spoilt for choice with dog-friendly beaches do take a look at our online guide for more details.

We love to see photos of your dogs on holiday, please do share them with us.

We welcome dogs to stay, £25 per week for up to 2 dogs. For each additional dog, it is £25 per week, up to a maximum of 5 dogs. Any further dogs beyond 5 will not incur any additional charges, and the maximum charge for any number of dogs is £100 per week.

We understand that trained guide dogs, medical alert dogs, current or retired Police, or Military dogs provide or have provided important services, and we do not charge any fees for these types of dogs, please contact us for more details.

We would love to welcome you to stay please let us know if you have any questions for our pricing click here and then choose 'Show More' at the bottom. To see our availability click here. We only take direct bookings so contact us to book your dog welcoming holiday