Entrance Hall

Enter the house straight into the large airy hall. With seating areas including an old church pew, wait for the rest of your party as you prepare to go out on the day's adventure. I'm sure your dogs will be zooming around the garden waiting for you!

On the bespoke wood console table, you will find our dog holiday tags for your dogs to borrow. There is also a bookcase with a range of books for you to borrow while on holiday and a large selection of games for all ages. 

We know that dogs can 'take a wrong turn' sometimes when they are somewhere new so for your peace of mind we loan you holiday dog tags to add to your dog's collars during your stay. 

We would love to welcome you to stay please let us know if you have any questions for our pricing click here and then choose 'Show More' at the bottom. To see our availability click here. We only take direct bookings so contact us to book your dog welcoming holiday