Cancellations or Special Offers

We know that it is really frustrating to find you have missed a cancellation or special offer so we created our WhatsApp group so you won't miss out if we have anything to share, we do very rarely get any cancellations so please if you want to book your Whitebeam Wood dog welcoming Holiday do! 

Any cancellations or special offers will be shared with this WhatsApp group first.

Don't worry about getting lots of annoying pings, I am the only person who can post in the group so you know if you get a notification it will be worth looking at.

You can join our group by clicking here

Or share the link with friends

We would love to welcome you to stay please let us know if you have any questions for our pricing click here and then choose 'Show More' at the bottom. To see our availability click here. We only take direct bookings so contact us to book your dog welcoming holiday