Enclosed garden and wood

Everyone will be thrilled with the outside spaces on offer at Whitebeam Wood, which takes its name from the 1.2 acres of woodland garden surrounding the house. The entire 1.2 acres surround the house and is enclosed with 5ft high stock fencing and a 5ft high gate. just like many dog parks.

The response from our Local Authority regarding us welcoming dogs registered under the Exempted Dogs Register is that "if the gardens are secure and for the sole use of the occupiers of the holiday accommodation, then you would not have to insist that owners muzzle and lead their dogs as it would not be considered a public place." 

'Secure' is subjective and very dependant on the dog and so it is for dog owners to decide of it is 'secure' for their dogs.

Whitebeam Wood is located at the top of its own private drive the bend in our long private drive means the house and garden cannot be seen from the quiet street. If you are looking for a holiday cottage and have a nervous, anxious, or reactive dog Whitebeam Wood could be the perfect holiday for you all.

As you come up the private drive you will see the wood on your right, through the gates, which can be locked, and you are outside your dog friendly holiday cottage. Open your car doors, let out your dogs and let them explore the enclosed garden and wood. You have private enclosed parking for up to 6 cars.

The garden can be completely open to your dogs or we have a part that can be closed off as a night garden and accessed by one of the rear doors.

The vast majority of the garden is laid to lawn, in the warmer months when the grass grows it is mainly left to grow with paths mown through it. Perfect for smaller wildlife but also for your dogs to enjoy running through and playing in, this means that the ground may be uneven like a meadow would be. 

The wooded area is mainly at the bottom and one side of the garden with a small orchard area at the top.

As you will see from the photos below the garden slopes up giving you better and better views as you go.

All this private space is all for our guests and their dog's exclusive use

This is what our 5ft high stock fencing looks like, our George realising that he is not exploring by himself

The only access into the grounds is via the private drive and we have positioned the 5ft gate half way up the drive so that there is no visibility of the road. As you can see there is solid mesh at the bottom of the gate.

The dimensions of the gaps at the top of the 5ft fence as you can see are 18cm high and 16cm wide

The dimensions of the gaps at the bottom of the 5ft fence as you can see are 10cm high and 16cm wide

We would love to welcome you to stay please let us know if you have any questions for our pricing click here and then choose 'Show More' at the bottom. To see our availability click here. We only take direct bookings so contact us to book your dog welcoming holiday