Salt Water and your dogs

Like most dogs ours will drink Sea Water, thankfully most of them will take a few laps and decide they have had better ideas. Our Harry who is sadly now over the Rainbow Bridge was different in so many ways ;-) We would always try and drink it, then feel sick, run over to me and bring it all back up again on my feet if he could manage it.... Feel better then run off and play again. However this one day was different, we found out later a friend had been sneaking him bacon at breakfast, which in itself was fine, apart from the fact we don't let them eat from the table. 

Off to the beach and with 6 dogs and a bunch of friends we were not watching our 3's every move. The bacon must have made him really thirsty so he drank more than normal. He was really thirsty when we got back to the car and continued to be the same all day. We thought it was odd and kept an eye on him but he seemed ok, till we got in. He could not stop drinking, was weeing all over the place even indoors and that was not him at all, then developed awful sickness and diarrhoea all within 30 mins. 

It was a Saturday late afternoon but thankfully the Vets we recommend to our vets will take dogs on holiday as emergencies as well as patients so we rushed him off. By the time we got there, he had about collapsed. I am not going to lie we were terrified we would lose him then and there.

The vet was amazing, knew what it was straight away treated him and we were able to take him home that night. We were the lucky ones, seawater poisoning can kill. So if your dog has been near salt water and is exhibiting continuous sickness, diarrhoea, lethargy, stiffness or cramps then please do not wait to see a vet straight away.

General advice seems to be if your dog is just sick once offer fresh water to drink, little and often. Don't allow them to drink large volumes in one go to avoid further sickness. Then offer a highly digestible food little and often ie cooked rice or pasta with a little cooked chicken/turkey/rice/white fish/egg. If you are not sure then phone the local vet for advice, when we told our vet about it when we were home they were really surprised and had not really heard of it.

Please do not read this and panic if your dog takes a few licks of seawater, the vast majority are fine but at least you are aware. we were not, what the issue could be. 


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