I need to write about normal.

An increasing number of people are giving up their dogs because they can't cope. However, this seems to be because they do not have an idea of what "normal" is and have a rather fantasy idea of what a dog should be.

Dogs are not people, however much we love them and it is important that this is realised.

The following things are all normal and any new dog owner needs to understand this:-
Puppies do not come ready trained and it is down to the new owner to work hard for a couple of years to do that training.
Puppies (all breeds) bite - it hurts.
Puppies chew stuff up. If you leave it lying around it will get eaten.
Puppies take a while to get house trained. The owner has to stand shivering in the garden at bedtime until the results happen. This can last for months.
Puppies - and indeed dogs - need to sleep a lot and should be left alone whilst doing so. They are not toys to be constantly carried around and petted.
Brain training toys do not make up for positive interaction and training with their owner.
Dogs rarely need clothes and wearing them indoors (except possibly for very old dogs) will make skin problems more likely.
Dogs don't necessarily like other dogs. They squabble can growl at each other and even fight. This is normal.
Bitches come in season and have phantom pregnancies. These are normal body functions and should not cause anxiety.
Dogs and bitches hump each other and objects. Not socially acceptable to humans but perfectly normal.
Dogs do not do spiteful or dominance or deliberate naughty or lots of other emotions people put on them They live for the day and can't differentiate between your new shoes and their toys.
If you spend your money in soft beds they will explode. The dog does not care how much it cost.
If a dog is bored or anxious it will chew stuff - this includes your sofa if you are daft enough to leave him unattended with it.

Dogs need exercise, love and attention and lots of training. They don't always get it right. If you can't accept all these normal things about a dog, please don't get one as the numbers being given up for normal behaviour is heartbreaking.


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